Mercury Air Cargo is led by a seasoned team of air cargo and business professionals with well over a hundred years of combined experience in the aviation industry. Mercury Air Cargo's leadership includes:

John E. Peery

President / Chief Operating Officer

John E. Peery has over 40 years of experience in the air cargo industry. He is responsible for all aspects of Mercury’s air cargo handling operations. Mr. Peery began his cargo career as a warehouseman. He spent 13 years with Air New Zealand in positions of increased responsibility, including Cargo Operations Supervisor and Cargo Manager, North America as well as Manager of Air New Zealand’s operations in Hawaii and the Central Pacific.

Prior to joining Mercury, Mr. Peery was a General Manager for the Northwest U.S. and Regional Vice President for the Western U.S. at Aeroground which was acquired by Menzies Aviation. While with Aeroground/Menzies, he had direct responsibility for operational, sales and financial oversight for the Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Vancouver and Calgary cargo operations. Mr. Peery earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management from Long Beach State University.

Joshua Floistad

Vice President, Cargo

Joshua Floistad has detailed experience working in airport and cargo operations.  He began his career working with TBI Airport Manager based in Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.  His responsibilities included overseeing security and maintenance at the international terminal, ramp control, resolving congestion issues between the FAA ground control and the ramps among other operational responsibilities.  

He then joined Cathay Pacific Airways as a loadmaster overseeing operations at ATL, and took over multiple positions with increasing responsibility, including Cargo Manager of the South Central USA and finally as Area Cargo Manager of the Western Americas where he had direct responsibility for operations, sales, compliance & safety for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland & Vancouver.  

Joshua joined Mercury as Vice President Cargo in April of 2019 and is currently responsible for Mercury Air Cargo’s LAX operation. 

Rula Fakhouri

Manager of TSA Compliance

Ms. Fakhouri has over 35 years of airline/aviation industry experience with domestic and international air carriers as both a City and General Manager, as well as Indirect Air Carriers. She has extensive hands-on expertise in cargo security, passenger services, as well as terminal and ramp operations. Ms. Fakhouri has developed a nationally recognized expertise in the AOSSP, MSP, ACISP, IACSSP, TSA style audits, and TSA compliance.

She has successfully put together action plans for those entities not in compliance and helped them reach their full potential. She has created nationally recognized training programs that have assisted many clients with navigating the myriad of aviation security regulations. Ms. Fakhouri is also an expert in communicating compliance issues, as she has personally handled numerous official responses to the TSA and DHS on behalf of regulated entities, with a proven track record of mitigating fines or eliminating them. 

She continues to be responsible for ensuring Mercury Air Cargo, its airline customers, Indirect Air Carriers, and Independent Cargo Security Screening (ICSS) are TSA compliant. As the nation’s first and most recognized Certified Screening Facility, Mercury maintains the highly respected reputation it has earned from the TSA and the U.S. Congress.

In 1997, Ms. Fakhouri recognized a need for aviation security training and along with a partner, established IAC Training, Inc.  Today, IAC Training is a recognized leader in aviation security and government regulatory training. IAC Training was the first company certified by IATA in 2000 to conduct training for indirect air carriers, and in 2002 was invited by Senator Diane Feinstein to meet with her office to discuss Cargo Security Training. 

Currently, Rula is the Principle Security Coordinator for two Indirect Air Carriers; Jupiter Airline Services Inc., and Apollo Freight Inc., both part of the Mercury Family. In addition, Rula is the Principle Security Coordinator for two Certified Screening entities; Apollo Freight an IAC who is also a CCSF and an independent screening facility, Independent Cargo Security Screening, the nation’s first Certified Cargo Screening Facility. In addition, Rula is Mercury Air Cargo’s Manager for TSA compliance, ensuring compliance with the IACSSP, MSP, FAOCSSP, AOSSP, ACISP, and CCSSSP. Rula has served on the security committee for the AFA for a number of years and is currently a member of their Board of Directors.

Ms. Fakhouri holds a BS Degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University and is bi-lingual, fluent in Arabic.

Bob Mayar

General Manager LAX

Bob Mayar is a veteran air cargo aviation professional with over twenty-six years of progressive experience in the cargo and airline industry. His background spans domestic, international, passenger, cargo, and airline catering services. He holds a degree in Industrial Business Management from Harnack Business School and is fluent in English, French, and German.

Bob began his career as an Operations Supervisor for Aeroground Inc. opening up the Qantas Freight Terminal at LAX. He quickly moved up to the position of Assistant Terminal Manager where he was responsible for operations support to a number of air carriers, managing over 100 flights a week, as well as more than 90 employees. In 2001, Bob returned to LSG as the Liaison between Skychefs, the local airline in-flight and operations department, as well as the air carrier catering department. Recruited by Menzies Aviation in 2004 as Terminal Manager, Bob‘s responsibilities included overseeing over ninety employees, ensuring compliance with TSA, CBP and other government agencies, as well as meeting and handling the airline customers. In 2008, Bob went to work for Genesis Logistics/Excel as Operations Manager where he oversaw a fleet of forty refrigerated trucks and the distribution of products to 656 stores in Southern California.

Currently Bob is the General Manager for LAX with his office located at 11001 Aviation Blvd supporting the terminal managers with their day-to-day activities.

Mario Palomarez

Assistant General Manager LAX

Mario’s career in the aviation industry began when he worked for TNT Express an international courier service from 2002-2007.  Mario Palomarez reached the position of Terminal Manager at Mercury by working his way up through the ranks.  In 2007, Mario began his career with Mercury when he was hired as a warehouse agent working for one of Mercury’s long standing air carrier customers, ANA. Within the same year, Mario’s performance resulted in a promotion to Lead and shortly after that and again within the same year as Supervisor. 

Mario was eventually promoted to Account Manager for another Mercury long-term customer, JAL. Mr. Palomarez’s dedication and work ethic soon propelled him to Assistant Terminal Manager, then to Terminal Manager, and another promotion to Assistant General Manager LAX.

When asked about his career with Mercury Air Cargo, Mario stated he simply “loved his job”. Mario also credited the outstanding performance and high level of customer service provided to  a number of air carriers such as EVA, Japan Airlines, Air New Zealand, Philippine Airlines and DHL to name a few; to the dedication, perseverance and determination of his staff.

Mario stated Mercury Air Cargo encourages all employees to strive for excellence and provides opportunities for advancement, taking pride in their job which leads to the outstanding level of service Mario’s team is known for. The pride and exemplary care Mario takes with his four children and wife, spills over into his dedication and performance in his job. 

Reggie Harris

Terminal Manager

As Terminal Manager of Division 217, Reggie Harris oversees the overall business and operational aspects of Mercury Air Cargo’s Avion facilities. Within the 213 facility, there are nine airlines, a concessionaire’s service, e-commerce operation, and a host of forwarders. Reggie is responsible for a staff of 260 employees, including a management staff of approximately 30 people.

Reggie began his career with Mercury 18 years ago as an office agent, manifesting export flights in 1999. Prior to joining the Mercury family, he was a warehouse supervisor at Pepsi for seven years. While he never imagined staying long-term at Mercury Air Cargo, it wasn’t long before he gained interest in the cargo business itself, and, eager to learn more, sought out opportunities to grow. He transferred to the export warehouse, and upon gaining experience there, pursued opportunities for advancement. He was promoted to lead supervisor, and became a manager in 2004. Since then he’s held management positions, each increasing his responsibility and level of expertise: warehouse manager, export dock manager, account manager, assistant term manager, and now terminal manager. While Reggie has some college experience, he says his expertise in air cargo was earned from his 18 years of on-the-job training with Mercury Air Cargo.

Reggie credits his success to his commitment and dedication to learn all he can from his mentors and his cargo experience, while consistently working to be the best he can be at all times.

Juan Velasquez

Terminal Manager

Juan Velasquez began his aviation career as a young man of nineteen in 1995 with Mercury Air Cargo. Starting his work history as a Warehouse Agent and moving up the rank to become the Account Manager for LATAM/Mas Air, a large complex air carrier. 

Mr. Velasquez’s exceptional handling of LATAM/Mas Air resulted in another promotion to that of Terminal Manager for Alaska Air and Cargolux.  Juan’s responsibility as Terminal Manager includes ensuring cargo handling, safety operations in the warehouse, compliance with LAWA, TSA, and FAA safety standards and aviation security requirements, in addition to financial oversight, customer relations, and managing more than 80 employees.                            

When asked about his career with Mercury Air Cargo, Juan said “I can humbly say I progressed into leadership and Mercury Air Cargo gave me that opportunity. I commenced my path in cargo handling as a young father, working as a warehouse agent and working for two different companies to provide for my family of four. My journey as a father, simultaneously began alongside my endeavor to leadership. Testing my limits and pushing me out of my comfort zone in the workplace. Fatherhood played a crucial role in my professional progress for Mercury Air Cargo and continues to inspire me through every obstacle in my life”.

Juan Velasquez takes tremendous pride in his role as a father and in the level of customer service and leadership he provides as a Terminal Manager for Mercury Air Cargo. 

Rigoberto Cabrera

Terminal Manager

Rigoberto Cabrera has been Terminal Manager of Building 215, Cargolux Airlines, as of September, 2021.

Previously Cabrera was the Assistant Terminal Manager of Building 216, Japan Airlines. He has been with Mercury Air Cargo since December 2016.

However, Cabrera’s experience in cargo holding goes further back.

“I have been working at the airport all of my life. I joined Lufthansa Airlines when I was 21 years old in 1980 and retired in 2016 for a total of 36 years,” says Cabrera.

After taking the early retirement, Cabrera says he became bored, and he reached out to Mercury Air Cargo as he knew the staff well. The leadership appreciated all his experience and hired him. He supervised 325 employees at Building 216 and now supervises sixty-one employees at Building 215.

Providing outstanding customer service is top priority for Cabrera. Given his many years with Lufthansa, he understands what the client needs. Now that he has switched to the cargo handling company, he can anticipate what they expect from Mercury Air Cargo and he goes out of his way to provide that service, along with his team.

“Mercury has a great team. We are a family. Management takes good care of their employees and employees do excellent work.”

Victoria Cabrejo

Terminal Manager

As Terminal Manager of Division 213, Victoria Cabrejo oversees the overall business and operational aspects of Mercury Air Cargo’s Avion facilities. Within the 213 facility, there are thirteen airlines and a concessionaire’s service. Victoria is responsible for a staff of 203 employees, including a management staff of approximately 34 people.

Victoria began her career with Mercury 6 years ago as an Account Manager for multiple airlines that includes British Airways, Iberia Cargo, Aer Lingus, Finnair, and Scandinavian Cargo. She has managed both office and warehouse for the airlines Mercury still proudly serves up to this day. Prior to joining the Mercury family, Victoria began her career in the Cargo industry in 2004 with Swissport Cargo Services. She began as an office agent, manifesting export flights, preparing import flights, and working Front Counter. She began progressing to upper levels becoming a lead agent up to a Duty Manager. In January 2021, she took on a challenge to become the Assistant Terminal Manager in 215, for Cargolux. Victoria then returned to her home terminal 213 as the Assistant Terminal Manager for 13 airlines. Just 10 months from her promotion as an Assistant Terminal Manager, Victoria has then decided to take on becoming the Terminal Manager for 213 in November 2021. While Victoria has some college experience, her expertise in air cargo was earned from her 17 years of on-the-job training with Swissport Cargo Services and Mercury Air Cargo.

Victoria credits her success to her commitment and dedication to learn all she can from her mentors and her cargo experience, while consistently working to be the best she can be at all times. Her determination and positivity have earned her way to becoming successful in taking the next chapter of her career.

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