Appreciation for Former MAC Warehouse Agent, Ernest Luke

We would like to acknowledge Ernest Luke, former warehouse agent at Mercury Air Cargo, for his outstanding work ethic, attitude, reliability and courtesy. Terminal Manager, Juan Velasquez, states, “Ernest was proactive, hardworking, and got the job done regardless of the situation… If any issue occurred (In cargo it happens every time) which would interfere with the deadline, he would take command and try to solve it himself first, if it really was out of hand.” He was known as a “Superstar”.

Below is a letter of resignation from Ernest which highlights his courtesy and the caliber of employees that managers at Mercury Air Cargo aim to hire and train.


Ernest LukeI write to tender my resignation as a Warehouse Agent from Mercury Air Cargo TSG department (219) which will take effect on Friday 21st June, 2019 which I consider to be my last day in this great company.

My workdays in this noble Company will always be remembered for the fun and friendly work environment which I enjoyed so much, especially in the area of aviation that I now choose as a lifetime career.

Starting off as a Warehouse Agent was tough initially. but I was able to cope through diligence, whereby I learnt a lot in warehouse and airfield operational activities.

I appreciate your support during my tenure in this Company and I'm taking with me valuable experiences I have obtained over the the past years as an Agent. It has been a great pleasure working with you and our great team which I will miss so much. Though I'm saying goodbye, this Company will always have a place in my heart and I want to personally thank my Managers and Supervisors both past and present for helping me to expand my skills and knowledge in the aviation industry. Mercury Air Cargo will always be history with a nice story of my aviation experience.

May this Company continue to grow and yield higher success in future undertakings.

Sincerely Yours,
Ernest Luke
Former Warehouse Agent
Terminal Service Group (TSG)
Division 219


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