Continued Growth for Mercury Air Cargo

Mercury Air Cargo met the challenges of recent expansion at LAX, and according to President and Chief Operating Officer John Peery, it foresees additional growth in early 2020.

On August 1, the company took over a cargo building at LAX, retaining the three existing customers (Alaska Air, WestJet, and Cargolux). The transition is going very well for both Mercury Air Cargo and their customers, despite how unusual it is to take possession of an entire building and three carriers at the same time.

“We’re very pleased. The smile on our customers’ faces says it all,” says Peery.

Concurrently, Mercury Air Cargo secured a contract with CAL Cargo Airlines, based at TLV, Israel. Two freighters will fly in and out of LAX twice per week starting October 26.

Peery states, “We’re looking forward to a significant pop in tonnage through building 6040, our flagship building, due to this contract.”

Mercury Air Cargo was also successful in securing JetBlue, with their 20 flights per day through LAX. This contract will begin in December through the 219 building.

Peery is delighted with the company’s advancement.

“We’re moving forward and gaining more market share in Los Angeles. We’ve been able to do well in a crazy labor market as well. Our turn-over is reducing; there is job satisfaction and our management team has done a great job supporting the staff on a daily basis.”

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