Mercury Air Cargo Continues to Pave the Way

Margaretha Laseen, Director of Commercial Development for Mercury Air Group, continues to be pleased with Mercury Air Cargo’s improved cargo handling processes. By using the new online reservation and payment systems, customers picking up cargo find the process easy and seamless.

Gabe Verm, Logistics Coordinator with Cargo Solutions, has found the new system to be “pretty helpful over the past week or two.”

He says, “In L.A., our 53 drivers would frequently get stuck in line waiting for a dock anywhere from four to eight hours. Now they are getting to a dock in the next hour. It’s a very easy system to use; I was surprised how easy it is to use the interface.”

Laseen says that the new system has been well-received. “We are doing very well and getting more established.”

Mercury Air Cargo started the new system at one terminal and now it is being used at all LAX terminals.  Almost 70 companies have signed up for the service in Los Angeles, according to Laseen.

“We are learning along the way and continuously improving the systems. We are providing a complete change in the cargo handling industry,” states Laseen.

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