Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF)

As we continue to roll out the Traffic Mitigation Program, we feel that it is important that the benefits of the reservation system, and subsequent applicability of the associated fee, be more clearly defined. Please review the latest community update for details.

TMF Payment Options

Has the fee been communicated with the airlines?

Yes, all airlines handled by Mercury have been notified of the implementation of the fee.

Is this an airport fee or is this specific to Mercury Air cargo only?

This is a Mercury fee. Mercury has received numerous TSA, Air Quality and Street Traffic compliance requirements over the last several years. This fee is designed to allow us to continue to increase our service provided to the community while remaining compliant.

What does the $5.00 bring to the table?
  1. Increased access to reservations and slot times during peak and off-peak hours resulting in reduced turnaround time for drivers and shortened waiting time when reservations are utilized.
  2. Mobile Check-in services for walk in customers allowing drivers to check in to Mercury terminals prior to physically arriving.
  3. Traffic control guards
Will this improve driver turnaround time?

When a reservation is utilized a reduction in turnaround time is to be expected.

Are there any exemptions?
  1. U.S. Post Office trucks dropping or retrieving mail.
  2. Courier shipments (DHL, FedEx, UPS)
  3. AOA Ramp transfers where dock access is not required.
  4. Interline transfers & offline transfers being delivered or picked up via Road Feeder Services (RFS).
  5. Empty Airline containers (ULDs, LD3,LD7 etc.) will be exempt from the $5.00
  6. Personal pets, personal effects & human remains
  7. Cargo moving to GO (General Order Warehouse)
How can the charges be settled?
  1. In advance
    1. Via credit card when a reservation is made in advance.
  2. At the front counter:
    1. Credit Account settled directly with Mercury via assigned PIN # (specific for this fee only. All other charges must be settled via traditional means)
    2. Credit Account settled via Cargosprint via assigned PIN #
    3. Credit Card
    4. Cash
    5. Check (all checks to be made payable to Transportation Logistics)

Please note: $10 check fee does not apply to TMF but the 4% credit card does.

How are the charges applied?

Charges are applied per PKU# (pickup number). This is applicable to either imports or exports and cannot be combined.

What happens if the driver does not have $5?

For the first month drivers will be reminded that the fee is required moving forward and provided a reminder at the front counter. After the initial rollout period concludes the fee must be resolved prior to the release or acceptance of cargo through Mercury terminals.

Can prepayment be made?

Prepayment can be made when a reservation and subsequent pickup number is assigned. Please note that prepayment can only be made through a credit card when a reservation is made.

Can this be settled through Sprintpay?

Sprintpay can be utilized to resolve credit accounts if the account holder chooses.

How do I request a refund?

A refund can be requested by contacting Mercury directly :

In what scenarios is a refund approved?


  1. If cargo was not available at the time driver was dispatched and the carrier notification of availability had previously been sent
  2. If the fee was resolved when a reservation was made and double paid at the front counter upon driver arrival.
  3. If the reservation is cancelled prior to driver checking into a Mercury terminal
Will any drop/pick up through the ramp/back door will be considered an exemption?

Yes, the fee will only be applicable to vehicles engaging with the Mercury docks. Please note that vehicles requiring an escort to offload/load on the ramp will require this fee to be resolved.

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